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Merel Olde Kalter

Owner Meetingroom

East Village

"I'm in love with New York's East Village district. The cozy low-rise buildings, beautiful typical New York stairs, the diversity of restaurants and bars. The hustle and bustle. Everything exudes liveliness!


Never a dull moment in East Village! In order to experience this feeling of freedom every day, I started Meetingroom East Village.


A meeting room for every kind of event. Nothing is too crazy, just like in New York City.

A year and a half ago, after sixteen years in Amsterdam, I moved to Diemen: the East Village of Amsterdam!

In Meetingroom East Village all kinds of events are possible. Morning meetings, days sessions and workshops.


The atmosphere is modern, bright, creative and inspiring. You're really out of the daily routine.


With fresh homemade catering and overall flexibility we ensure you are fully taken care of. 

I was born in Hengelo. The East Village of the Netherlands...

Or am I going too crazy right now? :)

I love organizing and doing business since  the day I can remember. 


In recent years I've had several marketing jobs and  i've owned an Airbnb company, so I have worked with many international guests. By running this meeting room, I can fulfill all my passions: make people feel at home, host, organize, cook and running my own business.


Would you like to visit Meetingroom East Village?

Just contact us at all times!


Go East (Village)!



Meetingroom East Village

Reinier Castelijnstraat 13A

1111 AW Diemen



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